Who Are They?

Send Our Classmate Eddie a Cheer Up Card

I visited Eddie today. He was so happy that I was there, he must have thanked me twenty times. He is in good spirits. I still don't know why he's there, but he did say he has back troubles. He seemed very lucid and enjoyed hearing about his former classmates. I was blessed by our visit. If you would like to cheer him up with a card or visit, his address is:
William Proctor, The Parc @ Sharon Amity, 4025 N. Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, NC 28205
Thanks for caring!! Bill Mitchell

Are you here?
First Grade Seversville

Teacher: Miss Coble

First row:–, –, –, –, Larry Pool –, –, Jerry Rollins.

Second row: –, Billy Cude, –, –, –, –, Jerry Martin.

Third row: –, –, –, Nancy Ross, Donna Brooks, Phillip Norman, –, –, –.

Back row: –, –, –, –, –, Judy Long, –, –, Gene Baker, Buster Taner.

Seversville 1945-50

First row: Donald Edwards, –, –, –, –, Phillip Norman, –, Dennis Smith, –.

Second row: Donna Brooks, –, Kay Biggerstaff, –, Sandra Hensley, –, –, –, Jerry Rollins, –.

Third row: –, –, Doris Reese,        Evelyn Blackwelder, –, Nancy Ross.

Fourth row: Melvin Helms, Bill Mitchell, –, Miss Reid, –.

First Grade Glenwood School

: Mrs. Robinson

First row: Far left Cecilia Adams, 3rd from left Jimmy Wallace, 4th form left Wade Cathy, 5th from left Jean Nance, 6th from left Corky Clontz, far right Burwell Kendrick.

Second row: Far left Eddie Proctor, 2nd from left Lloyd Lane, 4th from left Denny Hill, 5th from left Coleman Abernathy, 6th from left Patricia Miller, 7th from left Brita Hardman, far right Maxine Bost.

Third row: 2nd from left Brenda Long, 3rd from left Melissa Tallman, 4th from left Hilliard (Little Joe) Bright, Harold (Big Joe)Bright Far right Bill Neely.

Back row: Catherine Clontz, 2nd from left Cy Lemmond, 3rd from left Conrad Hostetler (sp), 4th form left Pete Mahaley, 6th from left Terry Ballew, 7th from left Billy Flowers, far right Diane Faulkener.

Second Grade Bethune School

First row: Far left Walter Short, Third from left Sammy Case

Second row: Far left Frances Elder, Far right Susan McIver

Third row: Fifth from left Diane Case

Fourth row: Far left Ben Gadd, Second from left Jackie Parrish, Far right Franklin Elder

Back row:

Second Grade Miss Hudson Glenwood School.

Front row: –,  Brita Hardman, Lloyd Lane, Cecila Adams, Ronny Brotherton, Connie Morley, Billy Flowers, William Long

Second row: Tommy Owens, Beth Mayhew, Richard Turner, Nat Pergerson, Wayne  Hopkins, Arnold Hager, –, Coleman Abernathy, Charlie Blair.

Third row:  Miss Hudson, Roy Alexander, Diane Faulkner, –, Patsy Parker, Cy Lemmond, Jimmy Wallace, –.

Back row: Eddie Procter, Nancy Elliot, Maxine Bost, Johnny McLemore, Steve Estep, –, Brenda Long, Melissa Tallman

Third Grade Miss Nixon Glenwood School.

Front row: Wade Cathy, Jimmy Wallace, –, Jerry Daugherty, –, –, Vickie Christenbury, Vivian Christenbury 

Second row: Coleman Abernathy, Patsy Parker, Pete Mahaley, –, Betty Farmer, Billy Flowers, Terry Ballea, Roy Alexander

Third row:  –, LLoyd Lane, William Long, Connie Marley, Wayne Hopkins, Donnie Ridgeway, Carole Cashion, Linda White

Fourth row: Eddie Procter, Denny Hill, Tommy Taylor, Nat Pergerson, –, Arnold Hager, Juanita Moose

Back Row: Jerry Kimsey, –, Melissa Tallman, Miss Nixon, –, Nancy Elliot, Jackie Holden

First or Second Grade Zeb Vance School

Teacher: Miss Long

Front row:  

Second row: –, –, Spencer Black, –, –, –, Joyce Anne Marlow,

Third row:  

Fourth row: 

Back Row: Joe Moore, –, –, –, –, –, –, Jane Kelly

Above left Cecilia Adams Pence, ?, — Above Right Melissa Tallman and friend Barbara Matheny

Susan and Colman Abernathy submitted this pic. Who are they?

Top row middle Tommy Kenimer, also a classmate, far right Bill Mitchell, bottom row far right Lorenzo Durham.

The picture was taken in Washington,DC. We were all Charlotte observer carriers and had won a contest. The other 2 carriers are unknown.

Diane Case Griffin submitted by Melissa Tallman Miller

Pat Smith Submitted by Melissa Tallman Miller


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